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Parenting has never been foolproof. It has never been easy and without challenges. For most kids that you might call average, ínormal (though I do not believe that child exists) well -known, tried and true measures are sufficient. The average parent has instincts good enough to help kids through tough times and parenting skills that allow them all to survive the ordeal of children growing up.

For those kids who have additional behaviors that are a bit out of the norm, unusual and troubling some of the old time methods do not always work. I believe in tougher discipline for these kids than most modern parents want to engage in. Not abuse mind you, but, spanking in certain cases might need to be one of the tools in your arsenal. This can be a last resort but, if you wait too long it will be of no use at all. When the thinking changed from making your child obey and be responsible for their actions to coddling and letting them run amuck, all hell broke loose. This is responsible for the breakdown of many families.

For foster parents, they rarely have a placement without problems and issues. Partly for the reason stated above that no one makes a child responsible for their actions and also because the current parent is part of the first Ďif it feels good do ití generation of kids. They want to be kidís buddies not their parents. Foster kids are difficult because of all these factors and the non -parenting action has gone on too long.

These children need more innovative and practical parenting. Unusual situations call for unique parenting methods. This book supplies new ideas and challenges all parents to think out of the box. When we truly listen and watch our children, we learn to head off unacceptable behaviors. We must connect with foster kids on many levels so they want to please us and are willing to work with you. When they decide they wish to succeed, you have a great chance of helping them to function in a way society accepts and move them closer to their personal goals.

Jo Ann and her husband, Dan, fostered full time for decades and worked with more than 75 kids. Often their house saw eight teen boys at one time.

This authorís future will also see the publishing of a Life Skills manual since they taught that program for many years.

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After decades of fostering and working with at risk, challenging kids, a book was born. Over 75 kids each brought a lesson with them. They were all troubled and many broken. They had different stories but, the final results were always the same. They needed help to become functional or whole again. They needed to regain trust in any person especially those closest to them. For most of their lives, they had been let down time and time again by those who should have protected them and loved them unconditionally. They all needed some place to belong and a family that loved and protected them- blood or not. This book reveals the way we worked our way back to the beginning family to find the origin of the problems and tried to help that family once again become a place to belong and be loved in again. While this challenge was being met we gave them what they needed -love, support, a safe place to be themselves and people they could begin to trust again.

A true and amazing story told by the woman who lived it!!!



† Jo Ann Wentzel fights for children everywhere,

†††††††† Because children are a gift from GOD!



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