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The team of Dan and Jo Ann Wentzel, though retired, has decided to continue to accept engagements for speaking or as presenters of workshops. We worked for decades with a variety of kids and can offer our experiences in the form of a workshop or a speech for your foster care groups, parents, service organizations or conferences.

In early years, they were volunteers for scouting, church, school and sports events with their own children. Even earlier, Jo Ann did licensed daycare for a few years in order to stay home with her natural children.

The kids we worked with most were those in foster care, treatment foster care, group home settings and those included in two of our separate services. The Wentzels contracted with counties to teach life skills and put teens into their own apartments when they aged out of foster care. Dan and Jo Ann also worked with the whole family and taught parents how to parent. They offered them support with hands on kind of teaching.

The Wentzels worked with teens who had a choice to live in their home or go to jail. They were the ones that engaged in risky behaviors including alcohol use, drug abuse, promiscuity, theft, violence, a few were sexual predators and many, many more were sexually abused children. We had homeless kids in our programs as well as gang members. We worked with a hearing- impaired youth through a signing person, those labeled with all the acronyms they have invented and families of different cultures through an interpreter.

Jo Annís background also includes working as a Guardian-ad-Litem and a Mediator for the courts.

The Wentzels believe in using humor as well as common sense when they work with children or adults. They say they do not present themselves as the solution for all your challenges but they have most likely dealt with problems you have and can share what they found worked. If the problem is new to them, they can help you work it out, find a starting point and give you an answer.

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