Abortion-the topic everyone is passionate about
By Jo Ann Wentzel
Abortion is a topic that evokes very strong feelings from both sides and talking about it brings us an explosive result. I know this is true as I recently participated in a Facebook discussion on women's rights. The hatred and vitriol aimed like arrows surprised me but just grew stronger as the battle ensued. Both sides of course believed they were right and neither side wanted to budge an inch, as feelings were so strong. I would not budge either since this discussion also involves your values.

If you follow me on my website, you no doubt know which side I am on as I fight constantly for children. I freely admit I am a Christian and a Conservative which both influence my arguments.

To me God has given us children. To me kids are a gift from God and that pretty much says it all. To me life begins at conception. To me God's commandment is not to kill except for certain situations. This sums up my argument for the most part.

In very rare instances, I believe abortion could take place to save the life of the mother. If a doctor tells a woman she must not have a child then she should have previously tried to avoid a pregnancy. I have heard of many women regardless of their health or warnings believe when given a child, they should deliver it. These brave women often make dangerous choices. Many women opt to have a child even after incest or rape. That is a much harder decision but once again, your faith will play a large role in your decisions.

When it comes to women's rights, I believe in several things like receiving the same pay for the same job. That should not even raise a question. Unfortunately, the decision to have an abortion is not such a casual decision. You are taking a life. You are killing an innocent baby.

There are plenty of different views on when life actually begins but most Christians believe it is at the moment of conception and I personally believe God has breathed life into that tiny egg the moment conception happens.

Have you seen those billboards that explain what stage of life a fetus is at when it reaches a certain age? It is often quite surprising to see how developed the fetus is and how quickly it should be looked upon as a baby.

I can hear those arguments against this idea because as I reported feelings and positions are very strong. My problem is with the excuse given for having a child under so many circumstances. There are so many people wanting children that this would not be a problem when considering keeping the child but some women feel it is too inconvenient to carry and give birth to that child. That is not an excuse when a life is at stake.

There are so many ways to prevent pregnancy now so there seems little excuse for getting pregnant in the first place. I ask why should the government need to pay for contraceptives when the cost is so low? Those of you that are in low income groups should be able to switch some expenditure you make in order to buy birth control. Others may be able to get help from other places besides Planned Parenthood but really the cost I have been notified of is much less than $20 a month.

Some of those complaining of the cost of contraceptives are also covered in tattoos that cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Then there is no excuse. Others frequent bars constantly- once again priorities are important. I do not care what a person spends money on if they can afford those things. It is their business but people who use abortion as birth control just disgust me. Then to have the nerve to complain because they cannot get birth control for free is outrageous. We need to put things into perspective. If you do not wish to get pregnant, use birth control or do not have sex with everyone that comes along. Values are vital for a safe and happy life. We must all make good choices. However, remember some have far-reaching consequences if we make the wrong ones.