Author Bio:    Jo Ann Wentzel remembers always writing from at least her late teens. There always seemed to be some type of writing going on even though she spent years working at other jobs such as retail and in the human services field. She did all kinds of selling which now she finds very helpful in promoting books. For decades she and her husband did full time foster care where their house became a group home. They then created and implemented two separate programs where they contracted with many counties to provide services.

Her writing covered numerous topics for many years and she wrote hundreds of non-fiction pieces for several online websites and print outlets. She spent a couple years writing for a local weekly newspaper and college newspapers as an older student. Many of her articles were aimed at helping parents and foster parents. Jo Ann also wrote about rescue pets and party planning, two of her greatest interests. The topics were endless since all this happened over many years.

The parenting topics were of such interest to people that it encouraged Jo Ann to write her first book, a non-fiction volume called It Begins and Ends with Family. Originally, it was put on a CD-ROM for the parents that they worked with; other than that it languished in a box for many years. When she felt a new need for this she was spurred into action. Jo Ann finally did something with this in the past few months and now it is available as an e-book and in a print format on Amazon.

Meanwhile, Jo Ann felt compelled to write about a topic both disgusting and unpleasant. She felt it necessary to produce a book about this issue and was excited to try her hand at fiction. The book features the issue of pedophilia. Decades ago a case worker told her one out of four divorces was because of incest. Not sure how accurate that was but, she always remembered that fact. It was evident that the majority of foster kids they welcomed into their home had been victims of sexual abuse. The signs were there and the ways it destroyed young lives prompted her to write Ultimate Betrayal. Yes, it is fiction and an improbable scenario but, all the signs are there for this sickening problem increasing. The evidence is in the news daily. Jo Ann has already been asked for a sequel and has begun to write it. Knowing how many people prefer to bury their heads in the sand and ignore unpleasantness, this is a challenging book to market. She will persist because that is who she is when something is this important and this problem should be of concern to everyone.

One year ago, Jo Ann and her husband, Dan, retired to a small, older motor home and travel the country with their two rescue dogs. This old Mallard, affectionately known as ‘the Duck’ needs constant repair but, the lifestyle is appealing. In the past, she says, their lives were always too busy to do much traveling but, now they finally can get to see some of the beautiful country they live in. Jo Ann reports her husband of over 51 years and the love of her life is helping her with promoting the books and freeing up all her time to write, a wonderful man for sure. He takes care of her website as well as Jo Ann and the pets. Family is everything to them so they fit in visits to their scattered family as often as possible

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