Ultimate Betrayal & It Begins and Ends with Family Book Reviews




Reviews for “Ultimate Betrayal”

5 stars

By Dale Anderson on June 16, 2016 Format: Kindle Edition/Verified Purchase

Good Plot.


5 stars

By Crystal Miles Gauthier on May 9, 2016 Format: Kindle Edition

Science Fiction with a twist.

This book made made me feel a myriad of emotions. Mostly anger. I consider this book science fiction/dystopian/post apocalyptic. The company and the way the people are treated distressed me to no end. The author gives us a look at the end of times in a way that made me pause and think. Well written, shocking, futuristic to be sure. Full of horrid acts of misdeed. However you must consider the circumstances in this novel. You must consider the way it is written as to be a warning to mankind. Well executed book. I would like to see the author write along the science fiction genre more. Good Job.


5 stars

By Kris on April 10, 2016 Format: Paperback/Verified Purchase

Great book, hardly able to put down once started.


5 stars

by Betty Budensiek on April 2, 2016 Format: Paperback/Verified Purchase

Difficult Subject


Difficult subject was tackled in this book. At times it was hard to read. I had to stop and remind myself that it was dealing with "end times"  and that brought me back to the reality of it all. Science fiction and religion mingled together....or was it? Might be pointed more towards the truth of society then we really want to believe. Favorite quote, and it will keep you thinking, "God has given man many abilities along with free will." Should be a wake up call to how we use our "free will" on human beings.



5 stars

by Lori Adler on March 22, 2016 Format: Paperback/Verified Purchase

Sci-fi, religion, crime, and old-fashioned good vs. evil


This novel is science fiction wrapped around religion and profound criminal immorality. It takes place during a time known to Christians as "End Times" during which morals and values are being put to test. When a quite plausible medical advance is revealed, many feel this could be the path to a better life. However greed pushes the new technology out of reach for most. Coupled with a rapidly degrading sense of human decency and an unparalleled increase in a particularly heinous type of crime, a plan for the new technology evolves as a way to deal with this criminal population. The book will have readers questioning where current values lie and wondering if this story is just fiction or actually a possible future reality. It's a great story, which I read in one 4-hour sitting. I was disappointed that I was finished with the book and found myself wanting more. I hope the author will consider a sequel.


5 stars

by PS Winn on March 1, 2016 Format: Kindle Edition/Verified Purchase

Interesting read


This is an interesting read and takes the reader into the lives of several different people dealing with a lot of problems. As you meet the people, you are also introduced to a strange organization, Renew Scientific Research, a company that has learned to clone people, unfortunately, like a lot of breakthroughs, this one was made for the wrong reasons. The author looks at some complicated issues in this book. A lot of these things may have been on peoples' minds. Like the way society seems to have one down hill and why. I found the book an interesting study of life and the way we treat others, especially kids. A lot of the things the author has put into this book are not only happening, but it is shameful that they have become common place events. I enjoyed this story and believe it will make people think and question where we are in a world that almost seems to condone hateful acts. The author has a wonderful writing style and a thought provoking story to tell.


5 stars

by Dan Wentzel on February 10, 2016 Format: Kindle Edition/Verified Purchase

Enjoyed this book


I really enjoyed this book. It will inspire some, very uncomfortable yet necessary, conversation. The story pulls the reader into a fictional world that could easily become reality. This book shines a spotlight on the proliferation of despicable behavior and its growing acceptance. The ever deepening divide between society and God is illustrated along with the severe consequences associated with that divide. This book needs a sequel! I finished the story wanting more.



Reviews for “It Begins and Ends with Family’’


4 stars

by Karen Ingalls on September 6, 2016 Format: Paperback



A very informative book about this family's experiences being foster family to very many kids of all ages. The author clearly defines what roles, expectations, rules, and dynamics involved in this unrecognized profession. The family included two biological kids whose roles were also explained. Every social problem was described: abuse of all types, drugs of every type, sexual issues, violence, and inappropriate families. This is an ideal book for anyone considering such a profession. I admire the dedication, love, hard work, and generosity of she, her husband and two biological kids.



5 stars

by Crystal Miles Gauthier on May 16, 2016 Format Kindle Edition/Verified

Family matters know how it comes into your home.


Often wondering how hard it was to foster children especially boys. This author takes us on a journey of ups and downs, the heartbreak and happiness of being a foster parent to some very special children. This book gives insight and has a humorous side to it. I feel other foster parents and even adopted ones would love to read this books as much as I did. I encourage everyone with a heart and love of children read and comprehend what this author actually did in her own life. Well written, executed and told beautifully.



5 stars

by Amazon Customer on March 22, 2016 Format Kindle Edition/Verified

Highly Recommended for anyone connected to foster care


Great down to earth, informative with workable solutions for some of the loops foster care, kids and family can bring.



4 stars

by PS Winn on September 24, 2015 Format: Kindle Edition/Verified Purchase

Interesting read that touches the heart


This book is an honest look at life, love and an unconventional families. The author is a foster parent, which is an extremely hard job with not a lot of credit. I found the author did a great job in explaining what being a foster parent is, along with the ups and downs of this job. I feel it is one of the most important jobs there is and takes sacrifice, love, patience and understanding. The author has a lot of this and also a sense of humor which comes out in the story and is a valuable asset. Taking the time to not only share her story the author walks the reader through the hardship of tackling the legal end of things including fighting a system that doesn't always work and also people's misconceptions. I found the book interesting and helpful and found the author to be a very special person. What she does and it seems she does it well is a thankless job but the author has also been able o share some amazing rewards.

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