Ultimate Betrayal

It Begins and Ends with Family

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Book Excerpt from Ultimate Betrayal

Mac and Darrell pull up to the parking lot of a drug store where dispatch said there was woman trying to give her children away. They both shook their head when they received the call but, this was another part of the new crime wave. They have sex, they have kids, they want to be able to continue their play and they don’t want their style being cramped. Mac thought that was it in a nutshell.  

The older officer surveyed the scene. There was a bench right outside the store near the walkway where a security guard had a woman and two children detained. There was a boy and a girl. They seemed confused about what was happening but, not overly upset. 

Mac noticed a harried looking man a bit further away who was being kept there by a store clerk till the police arrived to take over the questioning. Mac decided he should take the woman since Darrell was only on the force a few weeks now so assigned him to take the man’s statement. Mac was sure Darrell could do that. He was pretty efficient at such things.  

Darrell walked over and pulled out a notebook trying to be professional. Mac watched him thinking I need to train him to be more casual and less aggressive with those that are most likely victims or innocent bystanders and have done nothing wrong as it appears to be in this case. You can always get yourself back into law officer mode in your questioning once the story is known. Well, he will learn some of this with more experience. 

Darrell introduced himself to the man who was approached by this woman. “Sir, may I have some basic information? I need your name, address, phone number and what you were doing here.” 

“Sure, my name is Eric Benson and I live here in Johnson. Do you want my house address?” 

“Yes, please.” 

“My address is 1033 on Sunrise Terrace 

49312 zip code and my phone number is 881-324-7999. I was here to pick up my wife’s prescription. Will this take long my wife is deathly ill? I should be back with her soon as possible.” 

“Just a few more questions sir. Just tell me what transpired here?”  

“Well, I have little to tell. I was walking toward the door to pick up my wife’s medicine, when that lady approached me.” 

Darrell, pointed to the woman on the bench with the security guard still there and Eric nodded yes. 

“Go on, sir.” 

“She started to tell me how bad her life was and how sick she was and I thought she was just panhandling for money. I hate to give money to those who beg for it since I know it normally goes for drink or drugs. Usually it does not go anywhere that would improve their life. Anyway, I was giving in and about to give her a $10 bill when she stopped me and said she did not want my money and that she needed me to take her kids. She wanted me to take them home. She said she was too ill to care for them and was giving them to me. I told her my wife was deathly ill and I could not take anyone’s children. I did not want them I said, but, she insisted and kept begging me. She brought those two kids over on the bench and said, she did not want any money just someone to take her kids from her. That’s when I called you.” 


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