The Wentzel Mission Statement

Dan and Jo Ann Wentzel are committed to engaging in any activity that helps save the children. We are committed to these principles.

1/ We firmly believe children are a gift from God and those caring for them need to realize and specially appreciate this divine gift.

2/ Children need cherishing.

3/ Parents and caretakers must be aware of the immense privilege it is to have them and then raise them.

4/ Children need certain things to thrive. Besides the food they eat, the clothes they wear and the roof over their head, they need love. They need unconditional love. This means the child will know that someone loves them and will feel that love no matter what they do even if it may displease a parent.

5/ Parents or caretakers must never mistreat a child.

6/ Those caring for children must never neglect a child.

7/ A child has an innate right to certain things like good health, safety, education, age appropriate independence and a reasonable expectation to be happy.

8/ Children should have soul-enriching activities that make their lives better.

9/ No child should ever experience abuse of any kind including physical, emotional or sexual. We must be aware of what is going on everywhere so we can protect all children, not just our own, from these horrors.

10/ We must put children’s needs first and before the parents every time.


Dan and Jo Ann Wentzel are committed to spreading the word about foster care of children and actively trying to recruit foster parents since the need is so great. They are both dedicated to doing whatever is in their power to stop the spread of sexual abuse on children. They continually pray for the strength and means to do this mission God has set upon their souls. We ask for prayers and support to follow this plan God has revealed to us.

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