Ultimate Obliteration
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Local TV reporter Andrew Zenith is very conscientious about his job and his one goal in life is to save the children. The sickening stories Andrew reports daily bring him no closer to helping stop the abuse. Children are under attack and there is no solution in sight. If Andrew fails to save them, the result is broken children and future dysfunctional families.

 Sexual abuse of children is widespread and even if we catch the perpetrators, jails are too full to incarcerate them. Now that people are reported missing, they cannot even locate the pedophiles. No one knows for sure what is happening to them. Parents fear they cannot protect their own children. With 'end times' approaching and the dystopian nature of their world some people have decided to take the law into their own hands. They have made it their mission to get rid of the perps. Will Andrew find the answers he seeks? Can he save the children?