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In order to increase my readership I will give away a paperback, not an e-book, every week for an indeterminate time. This weeks drawing will be on Friday 07/28/2017. In order to win the copy, you need to just e mail me at†† with the word 'contest.'† There will be a drawing of one name per week. This week's prize will be my first novel, Ultimate Betrayal. Again this is a paperback you can hold in your hands. Good luck- hoping whether you like the book or not you will leave a review. It's an important topic.

Follow this link to see a list of contest winners.


These three books are now permanently priced at .99 cents in Kindle e book format.

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†††† Jo Ann Wentzel fights for children everywhere,

†††††††††† because children are a gift from GOD!



Shhh!† Canít you see Iím writing?